Implementing the Digital Media Lab at Darien Library
The DML is the brainchild and project of John Blyberg. Over the course of the first year at Darien (2011-2012), I worked to make John’s DML a reality. I contacted other libraries for information, chose and ordered most of the equipment, created the training manual, trained staff and patrons, and manage the DML today.

Founded the LITA 3D Printing Interest Group
The group began in February 2015 after ALA’s Midwinter meeting. The structure consists of a chair and co-chair and a listserv. The group has been working on a resource project.

Darien Reads
Jennifer and I started a book review Instagram account @darienreads. It won awards from the 2018 LLAMA’s PR Xchange Awards and a 2018 Connecticut Library Association Publicity Award.

Library and Information Science Syllabi
A repository that links to LIS syllabi which can be freely found on the web.

Tech Fair
Launched in fall 2014, the Tech Fair is an annual event held by the UX department. Tech equipment which can be used by the public and just demonstrative technology are displayed.

Small Business Consulting
As part of my work at the library, I consult with small business owners on their online presence. This includes email campaigns, websites, and social media.

Staff Art Show
The first (?) art show just for library staff on the Lower Level art gallery.

Celebrating National Novel Month at Darien Library
Starting in 2011, I started hosting 3 or more “Come Write In” events for NaNoWriMo writers. Each year, there is usually a program on how to get started with NaNoWriMo.

Local Genealogical Society Liaison
This position was offered to me by the previous liaison/head of reference. Aside from officially representing Darien Library as an honorary board member, on my personal time, I have decided to join the Middlesex Genealogical Society (MGS) as a publicist. I have set MGS up with MailChimp and Google Drive to help manage their documentation. To help MGS save money, I alerted them that they could save money by printing their newsletter at the Library.

Manager of the Tech Book Collection at Darien Library
The Tech Book Collection had long been abandoned by collection development. I took over and weeded 20+ year old books, have established a schedule for ordering new materials, and successfully campaigned to move the books to join the rest of the non-fiction collection. My current task is showcasing a few new volumes on the main floor with the other new books.

Library Interior Floor Plans to Google Maps
This was a fun project which led to Google coming out for free to measure the interior of the building so the floor plans were precisely aligned.

Crossposting Darien Library Videos to YouTube
Previously, all of the Library’s videos were only uploaded to Vimeo because of the more professional quality of the website for embedding purposes. The old YouTube account had been abandoned after the new Library opened in 2009. By crossposting the videos between Vimeo and YouTube, we have discovered that YouTube views tends to dwarf the views on Vimeo.

Submitting Materials to the Connecticut Library Association Annual Publicity Contest
Darien Library’s last submission (I believe) to the contest was in 2009 when the new building opened. I submitted “Darien Library Does Gangnum Style” video in 2012 and we took home the video prize. In 2013, I have submitted entries for each category.

Moved Darien Library’s Email Newsletter to MailChimp
We had been using Contactology, a system which put the newsletter creators at a disadvantage for creating, editing, and managing their work. After a year long campaign, the Library made the switch to MailChimp in December 2013.

Added Darien Library to Google Plus
We got a mention in Library Journal as being one of the first libraries on Google Plus as a “smaller, tech-savvy” library.

Marketing Publicity Tracking
In no particular order.

Weekly Events Email Clicks
On Mondays, a brief bullet point email is sent to event coordinators to let them know which events were clicked upon in the weekly events email. This is so staff can see what events capture the community’s interest. By keeping even listings short, this encourages click-throughs which pinpoints this information. Staff can then compare these click-through numbers to number of attendees to see if there’s a correlation.

We have also established an open communication with a similar sized library to help spot any unusual email open patterns. For e.g. is there a drop in opens during the summer time?

All-Staff Email
On Fridays, an all-staff email is sent sharing how the library was interacted with/talked about online over the past week. The main areas to look at:
* Newspapers (physically go through the weekly papers)
* Blogs
* Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube comments

Monthly and Tri-Monthly Social Media Stats
Near the first of each month, each social media’s platform follower stats are counted. Then every three months, a comparison is done across that time period to the previous 3-month period. Instagram and Meetup are growing platforms.

Post-Event Publicity Stats
For events we really push, we develop a publicity plan in Asana. It includes print and digital, as well as any ads we may purchase. The plan is developed initially through a form submission. Then a planning meeting is scheduled between the staff member(s) and the publicity manager. The finalized plan is then delivered to the staff member.

Following the event, the publicity manager compiles a list of all the publicity efforts the event received:

Newspapers, blogs, social media, website visits, link clicks, email opens and clicks, and paid ads on Facebook and Twitter Links
Links are being better tracked through the use of a custom domain and This use of is free. We use Google Campaign URL Builder to develop detailed custom URLs which we then feed into and tag the links through a controlled vocabulary to make finding them easier.

We have found that emails have about a 24-hour lifespan. Links on the front of the website will continue to be clicked for the duration of the promotion.

The Publicity Manager is the only one to build the more complex Google Campaign URL Builder at this time.