Building Capstone Portfolio

I did not plan to work on my capstone portfolio all day. So far, I’ve been kinda moseying along and sorta looking at WordPress themes every now and then. However, this morning I started looking and found the Viewport theme. I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking it to suit my purposes. Some changes include:

  • Changed the background color.
  • Changed the blog title’s color and link colors.
  • Made sure that only posts from the “Capstone” category can be posted on the front page slider.
  • Removed the comment and post metadata sections.
  • I’ve been working on making a “page of posts” PHP template.

Capstone Portfolio WIP

Some links that were helpful in my work:

The best part was when I was copying my Collection Management wiki over (Materials to Build a Library Website), I realized that thanks to Twitter and other social media tools, I’ve actually had conversations with the authors of several of my resources!

As such, suddenly everything fell into place, these past two years and I realize that I am right where I want to be.

Digital Libraries Presentation Video

Digital Libraries Presentation from Amanda Goodman on Vimeo.

This was my first time presenting in Elluminate thus all the verbal fillers of “um” and “uh.” My apologizes in advance.

The class was “Digital Libraries” at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with Dr. Nora Bird presiding. The main goal of the project was to digitize 20 physical objects and I choose my collection of 18 sketchbooks and 3 notebooks. I am trying to build a digital library in Drupal which has been challenging.

The slides can be downloaded from here.

Digital Libraries Presentation

We had to present our projects in Elluminate which was a technical nightmare. When it was my turn, I got creeped out by the sensation of talking to an empty room which in-turn led to lots of verbal fillers like “uh…” I’m ashamed of that since it was forced out of me when I took public speaking in high school. My boyfriend told me that I settled in when I started talking about Drupal though which is a relief! However, I’m not looking forward to watching the recording later…

Cloud Computing and the Library School

I got an A on this paper.

The paper begins with my first exposure to the term “cloud computing” and how an undergrad teacher ridiculed me that it would ever be “a thing.” I then discuss some articles about how cloud computing can be used in a library. Finally, I wrap up about my proposal to have our own cloud server in my library school department.