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This is jam packed with great links, features, and other tips on what you need to know to get involved with social librarianship.
LIS New Professionals Network

LISNPN is a network for New Professionals in the Library and Information sector. This is a place to get help, advice, guidance and information, for people working in the library sector. Most importantly, it’s chance to discuss stuff with other New Professionals.

Two Years

This website has been live for two years as of June 24th. I’ve been busy moving one of my work websites to a new server then going for a short trip home, so I missed the two year anniversary.

Hopefully, in a couple days I can throw the doors wide open on one of my work websites!

Happy Sunday!

On Parenting

…from one of my favorite blogs, Sweet Juniper:

I don’t mean to whitewash how tedious things can be. But as tedious as they can be, I don’t have the nerve to complain. I could annoy this kid for the next sixty years or I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. I respect either possibility.

Was there a time when I was even interested in bigger things? I could sit with him for an hour under a tree while he digs up bugs and tells me over and over that they are bugs. He loves creatures that howl and roar (and he loves showing me that he, too, is such a creature). If I pick up a book, he moonwalks into my lap. He is a patient audience, and even if we don’t have a book with us I can recite his favorite from memory, and when I am done he touches my lips and says, “More.”

What did ambition feel like again? It can’t feel this good.

One Year Blog-versary and Generational Baby Photos

To celebrate the one year anniversary of my blog, I’m posting the scanned, cleaned, and color corrected verisons of the baby photos of my mom, aunt, and myself. I’m not sure of the ages but my mom was probably not a year old, my aunt is a toddler, while I was one month old in my photo. I hope you enjoy!

Mom 1965

Mom circa 1965

Sherry 1981

Aunt Sherry circa 1980 or 1981

Amanda May 1985

Amanda circa May 1985