List of Publicity Materials

My library’s big annual fundraising event, the Gala, is this Saturday. I started receiving content for the event in March. A list of publicity materials I have made so far:

  • One digital sign announcing the event
  • Two printed “Prize” signs for the night of the event
  • Printing two 2 x 3″ spreadsheets (made by someone else, but then touched up and printed by me)
  • Creating 12+ digital signs especially for the night of the Gala. It highlights our stats, new things, and upcoming cool items.
  • One poster for the in Library Gala
  • One remainder campaign email
  • One mini-website
  • Social media updates
  • Several web posts
  • Photos of the Gala committee which includes touch-ups
  • One banner button
  • One printed flyer

I used the outside-designed invite for all of these materials. My main concern was making sure to have consistent marketing and branding for the event across all avenues. This has been really time-consuming (practically all day today alone!). Next week I will get to process and upload the photos to the Library’s various social media networks.

Interesting Links

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