Pi Day Blizzard Email

My hobby is making nice throwaway emails like this. The design is a default theme available from MailChimp. I realized later that I should have made the adult programs plural. There was a last minute change and I had to get the email out, so I missed it. There’s a lot going on in the text which I’m not 100% happy with it. Everyone likes clicking on Jen’s recommendation from Hoopla though so that’s a success.

Courtesy of Darien Library

First Week of A/B Testing a Split Email List

Last week I decided to split our weekly events email list in two: those who had opened an email in November and those who had not. The emails were identical for each group. I used A/B testing of subject lines for them to try and get the most opens.


* One list took one subject line and the other the second one
* Opens for the openers was ~40%
* Opens for the non-openers was ~15%
* Clicks for openers was 4%
* Clicks for non-openers was 2%
* As far as what each group clicked, the results were almost identical.
* Unsubscribes for the non-openers was higher than usual while we had no unsubscribes for the openers.

I reported the above and was asked what do we do next. Earlier this year I read about some major company making a major decision: they cut loose anyone who hadn’t opened an email in the past year. They lost a big chunk of their mailing list doing it, but it was dead weight which just dragged down their open and click rates. Once they were clean, they saw a real benefit in having a healthy and responsive mailing list.

I don’t think my library will decide to be that brave. The test will run for a month. Where we’ll go from here is unknown at the moment. I’m taking it as an opportunity to experiment and get to learn more about our email readers.

If you recall which company did that cutting block job, hit me up.