Prepopulate JotForm Fields via URL

We use JotForm for our library’s website. It’s fairly easy to customize, their customer service forums are fast, and they provide lots of integrations.

One feature I had been musing on was how to pre-fill a field on a form. For instance, in an email I’m promoting the patron to borrow a book for their book club. Usually they’d click the link and then have to add the book title in the form. However, with a little URL magic, you can do this bit of work for the user.

How to prepopulate fields

* Go to, login, and select your form (you have to scroll).
* On the form, enter the info you want prepopulated.
* Click on Generate URL at the top.
* On the next screen, you’ll see a custom Full URL.

If you’re just linking directly to the form

* Just copy the URL generated by step 4.
* Make sure to not send people this link as displayed above. Instead, link the text like so.

If your form is embedded on the website

* Copy only the text starting with the ? the very end.
* You’re copying something like: ?book=Twilight
* Pull up the website page which has the embedded form on it.
* Paste the text you copied to the end of the URL. It’ll look something like this:
* Make sure to not send people this link as displayed above. Instead, link the text like so.

Publicity Submission Form is Now Live

One of the things I first realized I’d need for this new job is a way to collect information from people. I eventually settled on a form after reviewing the publicity mechanisms of megachurches and academic libraries. The form was first built in Google Forms until I realized it couldn’t accept attachments. Then I redid it in JotForm. It then spent a week in review with four of my colleagues who made a few suggestions. Today I added a few more fields after reviewing the first two submissions.

The final form fields are:

* Reminder at the top to send me all items six weeks before the first publicity item to go out.
* Point Person to Contact
* Name of Project
* Intended Audience
* Event/Project Description
* Theme & Design Ideas
* How should the audience *feel* about the event/project?
* Website URL of post if available

The following section highlights potential publicity items. Not all projects will require all items nor will we have space to promote everything in each venue.

[a chart which lists potential publicity items on the left, a column for the date the item will go out, another for who is making the item, if they need help making it]

* If an event, request [us] to film it?
* Any other comments?
* Want an in-person consultation?
* Attach Images

I want the form to immediately send itself over to Asana into a catch-all submission inbox, but it doesn’t appear to go through. I’ll need to investigate why. But I’m on the back up on the submission, so I can just forward it on. Then over in Asana, I can make the email task into a special project of its own. I did realize that for very small projects like request for a single panel, I can leave it in the “inbox.” Then I turn and schedule it in my Google calendar as a to-do item.

My email to department heads and affected staff went over the following areas:

* TL;DR version at the top
* Fill out a form to tell me about your publicity needs
* What happens if I don’t tell you ahead of time?
* Goals
* Digital Signs/Panels (background info on the process I’ve been following since I was hired)

I then followed this up with an email to the other publicity-related staff:

* New exterior printing file requirements
* Coming Soon: Web Writing Class
* Which publicity pieces are staying the same
* What’s new
* How to add an Asana calendar URL to Google or Outlook calendars

The rest of the day
I did a grand total of 14 separate tasks today. The others were mostly emails, fixing something on the website, editing a staff photo for the website, creating more digital signs, reviewing text for someone, two weekly meetings, and then the fun stuff: setting up my own workflow processes.

I decided to create Asana projects for PR and the weekly events email. I then combed through all the emails of those two topics and dumped them into the project with each week being a different task. The PR emails actually go into an Outlook folder titled, PR Inbox to Do. Once I finish sending out all the PR in that email, I’ll then move the email to another folder.

There has to be a faster way to handle all these moving parts w/o me being so involved, but this seems like a logical starting place.