Import Cell Data Into Another Sheet In Google Calendar

I’m not sure if this is the 100% best way to handle this, but it is the method that finally worked for me. I have one Google Sheet which has multiple sheets (tabs). In the overview tab, I want to pull in data from the other sheets which may change. I don’t want to worry about constantly keeping it updated, so I wanted to automatically pull that data in. This is the formula that worked for me:


Step One
Replace in this instance refers to the URL of your spreadsheet. Look to the top and copy everything after, but stop before you get to /edit#. Take that string of characters and put it in the formula instead of the phrase REPLACEME.

Step Two
The 2018 in my formula is actually the name of the sheet that I’m pulling from. Replace 2018 with your tab’s name that you want pull data from. Note: you may need to add underscores if there are spaces.

Step Three
Replace D41 with the cell that you actually want to call in.

If there are better, faster methods (because that first import is slow), leave a comment and share!