Logo for Midterms Event

My very talented colleague approached me about her redesign of our annual midterms programming. Usually, we stay open an extra hour for 3 days (and again for finals). This year, we’re going to have an after hours event on a Sunday. I was so inspired by the title, The Long Night Against Procrastination, that I wanted to make a custom logo.

Courtesy of Darien Library

I looked up Ikea lanterns to find my favorite version. Then I stabbed at Illustrator until I got the shape right. My colleague approved. The original text was just plain text at an angle. It didn’t fit my vision. So I spent about two days working at it to come up with the above design. It’s not perfect — I’m not confident with Illustrator yet — but it’s 85% of the way towards my vision.

Courtesy of Darien Library

I also rather like the email design that goes along with the logo.

Design Development Work

No images of today’s work since I tossed out most of it when I was finished with the design process. My tasks for the day were to create a print ad and a double-sided bookmark. For the ad, I created 11 layouts. The first two were digital versions of the sketches that were handed to me. From there, I worked out different arrangements of text, font sizes, colors, adding a border, adding images, until I came upon the final design which was accepted. As you scroll through the previous designs, you can see how I slowly tipped my chessboard towards it. Each idea sliding downwards until I arrived at the final image.

I printed out the proofs, marked my two favorite, scribbled a note of guidance, and left them on the requester’s desk. Later, when I returned to pick up the pieces, he had also chosen my favorite one. While checking and re-checking the layout back in InDesign, I got frustrated with the tools. I nabbed the metal ruler from my colleague’s desk and held it up to my iMac’s surface. Then I slowed nudged the text box into place.

For the bookmark, I had looked at the theme idea last week in some confusion. I poked around on the web and found a bunch of photos for a moodboard of sorts and uploaded it the shared drive. On Friday, my colleague wrote back that I was close, but not quite right. I took her words, spent 2 minutes googling and found a lovely stock illustration. She loved it.

Today I started the work of creating a bookmark from that image. I’ll admit, these bookmarks aren’t quite the thing of dreams. I’m a little crunched for time, so it’s more important to get them done than perfect. For this project thought, I made a dozen or so layouts with different words and color choices. Sent it over. After lunch I had my response back. I then laid out 4 or so designs for the back and sent it back. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the sign-off so I can mark it as done.

We’re pushing a deadline of Friday here for these ten bookmarks. I’ve gotten works-in-progress drafts for six of them now. Once staff sign off on them, I can move them to the finish pile. The goal is to have all of them back from the print shop by September 1st for National Library Card Sign Up Month.

Escape the Laboratory Poster

Courtesy of Darien Library

Courtesy of Darien Library

It’s been a hard week, but I like this poster I designed for an upcoming Escape Room project. The accompanying website will be built next week. The lady’s head and the two objects coming off the sides will be supported by additional supports on the back of the foam board poster. I worked on the design of the poster with my coworker Krishna.

Note: the beaker behind the E drives me nuts. I tried moving it around, but that didn’t look right either.

Genealogy Society Program Poster

Dude, do you even go here?

Property of Darien Library

Aside from the ridiculous blue box that showed up around the images (which were not present when I previewed this InDesign file), I’m pretty pleased with this poster. I thought originally of looking for a “female spirit” then a “nymph painting” before realizing Daphne and Apollo was exactly what I was looking for. This painting (which I unfortunately attributed) is perfect with Daphne’s expression.

As for the other work I’ve been doing, I’ve made some great strides in assisting patrons with their time-intensive projects. However, I feel that our work together is too recent, so I’m waiting a little bit before writing about them to protect any guesses that may happen about the patrons’ identities. Overall idea though:

  • Assisting with the SEO and blog of an online business
  • 3D printing
  • Website to record travel

Otherwise I’ve been very busy designing a lot of print materials at work. It’s also been awhile since I’ve had a five day work week due to ALA Midwinter, snow, and this-never-ending cold.

List of Publicity Materials

My library’s big annual fundraising event, the Gala, is this Saturday. I started receiving content for the event in March. A list of publicity materials I have made so far:

  • One digital sign announcing the event
  • Two printed “Prize” signs for the night of the event
  • Printing two 2 x 3″ spreadsheets (made by someone else, but then touched up and printed by me)
  • Creating 12+ digital signs especially for the night of the Gala. It highlights our stats, new things, and upcoming cool items.
  • One poster for the in Library Gala
  • One remainder campaign email
  • One mini-website
  • Social media updates
  • Several web posts
  • Photos of the Gala committee which includes touch-ups
  • One banner button
  • One printed flyer

I used the outside-designed invite for all of these materials. My main concern was making sure to have consistent marketing and branding for the event across all avenues. This has been really time-consuming (practically all day today alone!). Next week I will get to process and upload the photos to the Library’s various social media networks.