The Problem with OverDrive and Kindle’s Deal for Libraries

OverDrive launched the ability for patrons to check out OverDrive library books on their Kindles today. Word flew fast on Twitter which I was absently monitoring while doing other tasks at work. A few hours after the initial tweets I noticed that my library’s OverDrive ebook collection had indeed been Kindlized. As soon I had a chance, I hurried to set up equipment to record a tutorial video for our patrons so they would know how to get OverDrive ebooks on their Kindles. That’s when I ran into problems.

First, my library owns multiple Kindles which are registered to the Library. We lend these and other ereaders out to our patrons. The instructions from OverDrive’s blog are pretty thin about explaining the actual multiple step process which looks like this:

  1. Go to your library’s OverDrive website.
  2. Select a book which has a Kindle format and add that format to your cart/bag.
  3. Enter your library card number.
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