LibUX: Web App vs. Native App

Michael’s description:

When–if ever–should a library opt to build a native app? What are the inherent social, development, and financial implications of choosing one over the other. Is a web app literally a more ethical decision for a tax/tuition-driven institution?


Our special guest this time was Brian Pichman (@bpichman) who joined us via his smartphone to discuss the topic.

We used Boopsie as our de facto native app vendor that libraries use, but our comments are meant for library app vendors in general. Our opinions are our own and do not reflect our libraries.

LibUX: Hamburger Icon

Michael and I are starting to get a real feel for conducting these video/podcasts! Today we kept it under 30 minutes and chatted about copyright, legalese, the Innovation/Polaris acquisition, WordPress + PowerPac, mobile apps, hamburger menus, Heartbleed bug, the Personal Digital Archiving & Radical Archivists conferences, and more!

Big announcement: Michael put in the back breaking work to build the libux website which is available on Github.

LibUX: Personalization

We had a late start then a bit of an interruption which left me rambling about UX readings I’ve been doing for a bit because of a cute toddler that didn’t want to stay asleep. I need to head off to sleep now, but here are this week’s links:
IASummit 2014

LibUX: Social Media Buttons

Michael Schofield (@gollydamn) and I have been talking about doing a podcast/videocast dicussion about libraries and UX for months. As he says in this episode, we’re both busy and didn’t prioritize this, but finally we got the ball rolling! The tone is informal and in this first one, we’re discussing the usefulness of social media buttons on websites and Facebook’s new algorithm. Michael will be posting the podcast version on iTunes.

Panelist for “The Library Website”

Every library needs a website, but what makes a good site? How can you figure out how to most effectively allocate your resources and build a site that fits the needs of your patrons, your staff and your community? In “The Library Website” our panel of experts will look at the dos, should-dos, and dont’s of library websites. Please tune in Thursday, February 13 at 2 p.m. Eastern for this free, streaming video broadcast that you can view from your home, library or on-the-go.


Whoo hoo! I’ve known for a month or so that I was going to be a part of this panel on library websites though American Libraries Live. We had our check-in last week and we’re going to be discussing questions related to library websites. If you have a suggestion or something for me to think about, leave a comment!


Lessons from NCSU’s Digital Media Lab

NCSU Learning Commons

NCSU Learning Commons

I spoke with Keith Morgan about North Carolina State University’s Digital Media Lab. Here are some tidbits that I took away from our conversation that he gave me permission to share:

  • Computer
  • Recommends one computer in a room so people are not dueling for silence
  • Dual boot Mac should be fine
  • Lighting
    • Put non-fluorescent lighting on a track in the ceiling directed at the green screen wall
    • Provide smaller additional lighting sources
  • Green screen
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    Library Day in the Life Day 2

    Let’s repeat yesterday’s lazy format:

    • Taking the car in for an oil change. I’ll be sitting in the lobby reading my #cataloging book. #libday6
    • Turns out I can’t read about #cataloging while people are talking at the oil change shop. #libday6
    • My new computer parts are here! I intercepted the UPS guy just before he left. #libday6
    • I’ve now applied for 20 jobs. #jobsearch #libday6
    • The printer hated the thick, fancy resume paper so it kept eating it. I had to print the same thing out 5 times. #libday6
    • Alright, finished most of the #cataloging readings. Now to skim through #AACR2 ch. 1 & 2. #libday6
    • I applied for a scholarship to the ER&L Conference in Texas. #libday6
    • Now in #cataloging class discussing tomorrow’s potential snow forecast. #libday6
    • Nice. The original AACR was full of “dead wrong examples.” #libday6
    • I’m surprising myself in #cataloging by remembering most of the rules I read earlier. #libday6
    • 1.7 Notes: Be as concise as possible to convey the information that is necessary. #cataloging #libday6
    • Annnnd I applied to job 21 today. #jobsearch #libday6

    Note: the bangs look even worse today.