My route to library school

As my senior year of high school approached, my only career aspiration was the dream career ideal that I’ve had since I was 8 years old: work for Disney. Specifically I had wanted to be a Disney animator (but lost a taste for it when they went to 3D/CGI). I was a senior in high school when Disney announced they would no longer be creating 2D animated movies. So I adjusted my goals and decided that I wanted to take over Disney so I could bring them back into alignment with the “correct” way to do animation.

How to get there? I did not know where to start, but I thought that I should attend art school. I ran into a major hiccup when my over-controlling parent told me he’d only let me go to the local university on the other side of town. I had no car, no money, and no job so I couldn’t argue with him. So, I studied multimedia (web design, video production, 2D–in Flash– and 3D animation).

My sophomore year of college, my parent finally relented and let me get a job and a car so my life schedule became: 8 am – 4 pm be in class and 4:30 pm – 10:30 pm I’d be at work. I slept in my car between classes and my grades were embarrassing. The multimedia program was poorly developed as well and only at the end was it revealed that none of us could find jobs.

I was miserable.

So, I continued working at my undergraduate job. After five months of not getting a single job interview, I decided to apply for graduate school. I had been talking to the career center lady at my undergraduate and taking lots of “what should I do with my life” quizzes from every book I could get my hands on. Test after test came back with librarian by a landslide.

Libraries? I had spent a lot of my time growing up in them. During especially awkward times in high school, I had snuck my lunch in so I could have some me time. I would check out a stack of books on Monday and then bring them back at 7:30 am the following Monday to exchange them for another armful. I couldn’t remember my student ID number but the librarians knew it by heart.

When I told my coworkers I was going to library school, they all laughed and said that they knew it. I wore my hair in a bun, had glasses, and often had books shoved into my apron pockets. *OF COURSE* I was going to library school.

Library school has been a blessing in my life. I was hired as a graduate assistant which helped free me from the unrelated work burdens of my undergraduate life. Now I’m an active contributor to my department, I get to intern, find mentors, lead and present and develop as a budding new information professional.

I started applying to jobs in October (I graduate in May). Today is my first (phone) interview. My life is better as a library student.

ILS Selection for an Academic Library

My 631 Emerging Technologies assignment was to narrow down the field of ILS to a few that might be useful in the library category that I choose. I selected OCLC’s WorldCat Local, LibLime’s Koha, and Serials Solutions’ Summon/AquaBrowser.

Admittingly, I’m not sure that my paper is worth anything seeing as how I doubt that simply reading about ILS is very useful. Hopefully we’ll get an opportunity in this course to somehow get hands-on experience with different ILSes. When I scribed for the Charlotte employers’ focus group in the Spring, one of the biggest complaints that graduates of my program didn’t know anything about ILSes. Unless this course does more hands-on demonstrations, I suspect that this might continue to be true.

Now off to watch The Addam’s Family movie.