Cloud Computing and the Library School

I got an A on this paper.

The paper begins with my first exposure to the term “cloud computing” and how an undergrad teacher ridiculed me that it would ever be “a thing.” I then discuss some articles about how cloud computing can be used in a library. Finally, I wrap up about my proposal to have our own cloud server in my library school department.

ILS Selection for an Academic Library

My 631 Emerging Technologies assignment was to narrow down the field of ILS to a few that might be useful in the library category that I choose. I selected OCLC’s WorldCat Local, LibLime’s Koha, and Serials Solutions’ Summon/AquaBrowser.

Admittingly, I’m not sure that my paper is worth anything seeing as how I doubt that simply reading about ILS is very useful. Hopefully we’ll get an opportunity in this course to somehow get hands-on experience with different ILSes. When I scribed for the Charlotte employers’ focus group in the Spring, one of the biggest complaints that graduates of my program didn’t know anything about ILSes. Unless this course does more hands-on demonstrations, I suspect that this might continue to be true.

Now off to watch The Addam’s Family movie.