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This is jam packed with great links, features, and other tips on what you need to know to get involved with social librarianship.
LIS New Professionals Network

LISNPN is a network for New Professionals in the Library and Information sector. This is a place to get help, advice, guidance and information, for people working in the library sector. Most importantly, it’s chance to discuss stuff with other New Professionals.


At the digitalization internship:

  • Scanned in old theater catalogs and made PDFs out of them. Time: 2 days
  • Picked out photos for a promotional piece on Flickr. Time: 2 days (there were 6000+ photos to go through)
  • Corrected the orientation of the student handbooks and catalogs from UNCG’s first fifteen years. Turned them into PDFs. Next week I’ll OCR them so they can be searched. Time so far: 2 days.

For the archives internship:

  • Scan in photo negatives from 1947 of scenes around Greensboro.
  • Add metadata information to the photos.
  • Use Microsoft Access for the first time to fill in database information about the photos.
  • Search through Civil War era photography for portraits to add to the Civil War collection.
  • I may be allergic to mold since I get severe headaches whenever I’m near the fuzzy books.
  • Learn about the damaging effects of humidity on materials.
  • Find out how to remove mold from the exterior of leather (a dry rag) and cloth covered books (a dab of Lysol).

I’m looking forward to my digitali libraries and introduciton to archives class this fall!

How to tech out your library without spending dough

This great list of free and/or open source software from the Librarian in Black can help you outfit your library without spending a dime on software.

I’d like to add Pezi for more interactive and attractive Powerpoint-esque presentations. Also Liquid Planner for running multiple projects. Now, if only I had a smart phone with an internet plan…

Mighty Life List

I first heard of Maggie Mason from ABCNews talking about women bloggers. I quickly fell in love with her blog (though it’s been a bit on the outs lately) and was inspired by her to keep chipping away at my own blog (what you’re reading now). For a good discussion about Maggie’s Mighty Life List, click here. In short, it’s a list of things you want to do before you die. I’ve been having trouble building mine but I’ll update this post with new items as I think of them:

1) Write a completed novel
2) Take Dad to Hatteras Point, NC
3) Carry a child to term/be a mother
4) Learn how to watercolor