Interviewed about First Time Conference Attendance

I was asked to write about my first conference experience for my graduate program’s student association. I stuck to ALA’s annual meeting since that is the BIG conference. I was given a two paragraph limit, so I tried to be informal/real and directed them to a more formal write-up that I did for Hack Library School. I felt a bit bad when I checked the previous alumnae response and discovered that she had went on for several paragraphs. Aww.

In other news, one of my mentors/idols received an Early Career Award. Congratulations, Lauren!

Busy busy days

I had to give in and not go to my internship this week because of demands of my job. As well, my Dad arrives tonight and I had to prep the house for Hurricane Dad. He’s very demanding and exacting so I have had to get things in tip-top shape. My pantry is also bulging with food though I suspect I’ll have to purchase more after he leaves. So onto the news:

  • I did not get the Presidential Management Fellowship. I got the news on Monday and was a bit bitter about it but the email says it was a privilege to be nominated for it in the first place. I’m trying to see that as a consolation. There were 9300 applicants this year. It took applying to two more jobs (one in Colorado, the other in Toronto) to put the spring back into my step.
  • I came to the realization as I wrote my cover letter for a web administrator job, that I love my work. I never thought I’d be able to say that, but it is true. I get to make subtle differences in my department by maintaining a reliable and easy to use website. This week I was told on Facebook that the writer often uses the website as a reference in his work.
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iDEALS 2010 Poster Presentation

I presented my poster at iDEALS (Information, Diversity, Engagement, Access and Leadership Summit) today. The creation of the poster was very troublesome and fraught with misadventures. However, it ended well as I won one of five prizes for my Screencasting Tools to Teach Distance Education and Promoting Your Lessons via Social Media best practice poster. The poster can be seen here and the resources with all the links can be found here.

I was on the planning committee (for the website and offered insight on student response to iDEALS) and got a nifty line on my badge stating my participation. Later on, I was surprised to receive a lovely beaded bracelet/ring thing as a thank you gift for my contribution! That’s a funny story starting about 49 minutes into this video of the presentation. I was watching the final portion in the lobby so I could tweet and work on editing iDEALS photos. When I heard my name via the livestream, I ran into the auditorium carrying my netbook. You can hear the audience’s reaction in the clip!

Also, I’d like to thank Jessica Laney for creating my business cards (I printed 100 of them in color for $10! on campus) and Nancy Poole and Thomas Kozak for their suggestions for my poster!

More screencasting links:

Photo by Thomas Kozak