NaNoWriMo Day 7

Her eyes met his and she laughed a high, humorless laugh now. “Seventeen must seem like such a long way off for you. Three years was too far of a distance for me to reach across and make my feelings known as well, so maybe it is just the same, little one.”

They sat in silence and watched people travel past them on their bikes. The sound of the hour before lunch bell drifted up towards them from further down the road. Eiffel closed his eyes and tried to imagine feeling longing for someone the way Lavender described. Instead, all he could understand was how his heart ached when he thought of Ariclea having broken her promise to talk to him every day. It was not easy to miss anyone, he thought.

Word Count: 7497

NaNoWriMo Day 6

I’ve been goofing off again. But I will not lose my will! I think the problem is that I know I’m still lacking major pieces of the puzzle and don’t know my characters very well so it’s hard for me to work on this. I usually only write 2-3 page short stories so that is almost making things difficult since I’m unsure how to continue a thread. It’s all excuses but I will complete this in time!

NaNoWriMo Day 5

My bad. I procrastinated all evening (I did homework, work, and then fooled around online) so I only got in about an extra 1000 words to this thing.

Eiffel had not thought much about it at the time. He had only been six or seven at the time, after all. But with Espn’s insistence that he was from the Earth below, Eiffel had to find out everything he could about anything connected to the Earth. The faint memory of Lavender and Ariclea looking at that boy’s photo and Ariclea’s comment led Eiffel to think that the two were connected. He looked to Lavender who had picked her cup back up and was now looking at something that Eiffel realized he could not see. It made him feel out of place like he was invading her space, but he needed to know what she knew.

Word Count: 6853

NaNoWriMo Day 4

I’m only 786 words short of being caught up from yesterday’s failure to write! I’m feeling pretty accomplished since I had a plot bunny snag me in between my writing sessions. It’s a plot twist that will take Eiffel by storm!

I made some major changes (AKA procrastinated) in the way I’m doing things. I researched using a few other writing software tools like Write Now 3 and Writer’s Cafe 2. Finally I hit on using OneNote which I swear by for keeping track of my school, webinars, and presentation notes. Unfortunately, I did not save links to any of the articles I was reading about using OneNote for NaNoWriMo, but if you’re interested, you can now ask me about how I’m using it! Actually, I think I’ll include a screenshot later when I’ve fleshed out my system some more.

Also I looked up some writing books but we’ll see if I have any time to squeeze reading any of them in while I write this month. Some books recommended to me include:

I can vouch for Stephen King because that was a requirement of my undergrad creative writing class. However, the only things I remember are: don’t use adverbs and his wife is the one who influences the directions of his stories because she reads them and makes comments. Over the summer I was also looking at the Plot & Structure book from the Write Greater Fiction series. It was amazing but alas, I had to build two websites…

While these books might not be of any use for me at the current time, if this novella is not too terrible, maybe I can use these books to whip it up into shape later. Now for the snippet:

“And how is she doing, little one?” She removed her gardening gloves with care and placed them inside her apron pocket.

Eiffel tried to sound light hearted about it as he replied, “She’s been busy. We only spoke twice last week though she seemed to be very excited and cheerful about things.”

“Do you think that means you’ll be an uncle soon?”

Eiffel had just taken his first sexual behaviors class last semester but the topic made his skin crawl at the idea that his sister could be doing anything like that. He resisted the urge to blush and instead cast his eyes upwards and said, “No, she said she is not going to have any kids soon.”

“They’ll be some pretty babies when they do though.”

He did reddened now and muttered that he thought that might be true.

“Of course it will be! You were a pretty baby too, you know. So it only makes sense that Ari’s babies will be just as pretty. That Vincenzo is a fine boy as well.”

Word Count: 5882

NaNoWriMo Day 2

I thought of the elevators this morning while lazing about in bed with my cat. They’re not totally original since the Keys to the Kingdom has elevators between the House floors. I need to be careful because there have already been two accidents in my novel. I also introduced the concept of religion with a Japanese/Greek crossroads shrine (which I’m calling a temple).

Joseph was less than pleased with Eiffel when they met up after a few more rounds of ball. He insisted on taking the elevator between the sides, something that he knew that Eiffel loved to do. Eiffel stood on his side and watched Joseph enter from his end. The transparent tower allowed viewers to see who was inside and Eiffel liked to pretend that he was flying when he got to zip through. Towards the center point of the elevator, there was a moment where the elevator cart slowly turned so that for the riders, gravity was all underneath their feet no matter which side of the spaceship they were on. That was Eiffel’s second favorite part as the world slowly turned on end and righted itself. His older sister had loved it for a while when they were kids, but once she became “too grown up” she had started closing her eyes like their mother did and pretending that it made her a little nauseous. It had made Eiffel sick to watch her go through all the trouble of pretending to be someone else.

Word count: 3478

NaNoWriMo Day 1

I’ve joined National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or NaNo). This is my third attempt since the last two years proved to be disastrous.

2008: Applied to Grad School
2009: Tried to work with established characters in a semi-outlined story

Here’s a link to my NaNoWriMo account if you’re interested in following along or being my buddy: Godaisies@NaNoWriMo

Now, to help keep me accountable and moving, each day I’ll post an excerpt from that day’s writing:

He dug the baseball out from his other pocket and ran his fingers over the familiar battered stitchings. This ball had ended up in ponds, under family-sized scooters and even in a pie once. Eiffel loved it all the more for the adventures it had had. But what he loved most was the feel of throwing the ball up towards a friend. So, he knocked his blue cap back on his forehead and took aim. He squinted, angled his arm back and then with a quick movement, threw the ball as far as he could.