How to Batch Process Images in Photoshop

How to batch process so that all images will be resized the same (from an email to my assistant):

  1. Open all or most of your images all at once in Photoshop (if you decide to only open 10 at a time, pay attention to which ones you select each time you run through these directions!)
  2. Look in the right hand sidebar to see if you have a panel called “Actions” open. If you do not, go to Window > and click Actions. The panel should now appear in the right hand sidebar. You might need to move other panels out of the way to see it.
  3. At the bottom of the “Actions” panel, you’ll see an icon that looks kinda like a sticky note with the bottom left corner folded up. Hover over it and it’ll say “Create New Action.” Click it!
  4. A window will pop up saying “New Action.” Give it a simple Name in the Name box like “Resize logos.”
  5. Click Record.
  6. Now, look at the logo that you have up on your screen. Go then to Image > Image Size and change the width to say 200 pixels (note that the pixels box might already be selected). Don’t change the height.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Go to File > Save > OK
  9. Then close the image by clicking the X in the top left for THAT image.
  10. In the actions panel, click on the plain square button to stop the “recording.”
  11. Now go to File > Automate > Batch
  12. In the Play section, look at the Actions: drop down and make sure it’s “Resize logos” (or whatever you choose in step 4).
  13. Click OK

All your opened images will now be resized!