World War I and Book Groups Poster

Property of Darien Library

Property of Darien Library

Out of that big strategic meeting I talked about before, here is the World War I poster I made to support their August war book efforts. The two background photos come from WWI propaganda posters (I assume they’re public domain…). The photo in the foreground is from soldiers marching off to a battle.

InDesign kinda wrecked the blacks in the poster on export, but you get the idea. The next part of this is to make bookmarks, a digital sign, and film a video of our veteran/director promoting his favorite war novels.

I did not have any instructions for making the poster other than having a silhouette of soldiers. The original poster was going to be a 7 ft long banner, but that idea got nixed when we realized the banner would block other displayers. The banner would have had a full-scale battle scene collage from left to right. With my now limited space, I looked up propaganda posters for inspiration. I’m not quite sure what message others will get from here, but the one I semi-unconsciously went towards is that people may be tricked into going to war. I did not pick up on my message until I was mostly done, but we’ll see if any of our patrons thinks it is anti-war propaganda.


This image of Rapunzel by Henriette Sauvant for Rapunzel and Other Magic Fairy Tales just made my heart pitter patter. My dear friend Blondie was the first to nickname me that (I have about 42″ of hair which is almost 73 miles of hair!)* when we were in the 8th grade.

I’ve made a promise to keep my hair till I graduate from library school (7 months and 1 week from now), but sometimes it’s fun to fantasize about very short hair or ankle length hair.

110,000 hairs since I’m a brunette
X 42 inches
/ 63360 inches in a mile

The Drupal Website is Complete

Okay…there are still a few little things like changing the favicon, but the website is now open for business.

I have to go to my internship in a moment, but I thought I should commemorate the website’s competition. In the last long stretch, I put in 43.25 hours to pull it together. It’s unbelievably heavy with modules to just get basic functions working, which is frustrating, but my lack of knowledge about php probably has a lot to do with it. What I look forward to most are having my browser tabs back to myself and typing in my website address without it trying to auto-complete for the broken Drupal tester website.

Still working on the LIS website

Things have been hectic here as school ended and I went on vacation for a little while. Strangely enough, while on vacation, I created yet another website, but this is for a private endeavor. Admittingly, I haven’t made much progress on much this month since I’ve been going through a “feeling overwhelmed and crashing” phase. So, please enjoy the bit of work I do manage to get posted!