The Bad User Experience of Pinterest

I have 5,407 images on my computer to serve as references and inspirations for my artwork. These images have been gathered over the last nine years. Since Pinterest provides a somewhat attractive interface for creating mood boards, I decided to start creating boards to share with my creative partner. Immediately I began to run into bad UX design:

No Anonymous Account
I used my preexisting Pinterest account to send myself an invite. When I clicked on the link in that email, I was taken to the signup page which demanded that I log in with either my Facebook or Twitter accounts. The welcome screen promises that I can then disconnect my account. So I click on Facebook. Immediately I discover that the site has forced me to follow fifty of my Facebook friends who are already on Pinterest. Quickly I unfollow people then disconnect the account. Later I discover that Pinterest had already emailed everyone so some people began re-following me. This was meant to be an anonymous account where I could upload my references without spamming everyone I know.

No Bulk Upload
The site encourages you to upload all those pictures you have been collecting on your computer. Alright, that sounds like what I wanted to do anyways. I start to add things and then quickly realize that I will have to upload my images one by one. Recall that there are 5,000 images.

Images Broken When Uploaded
I am using Chrome and every single image I uploaded was broken. I had to refresh the browser to show my picture.

Forced to Follow People
When you sign up, you are required to select an interest group. I did not want to follow anyone, this was to be my own little mood board project. I then had to go through and unfollow all of the random accounts that Pinterest assigned to me when they forced me to choose a category.

I have already gone in and deleted my account. If I want to try using the service, I will be forced to create a fake account on another service just so I can have a little anonymity. I am unsure if I will go back — there are other sites that will allow me to create mood boards without spamming others.