Escape the Laboratory Poster

Courtesy of Darien Library

Courtesy of Darien Library

It’s been a hard week, but I like this poster I designed for an upcoming Escape Room project. The accompanying website will be built next week. The lady’s head and the two objects coming off the sides will be supported by additional supports on the back of the foam board poster. I worked on the design of the poster with my coworker Krishna.

Note: the beaker behind the E drives me nuts. I tried moving it around, but that didn’t look right either.

Degas Poster

Courtesy of Darien Library

Courtesy of Darien Library

The work in the latest MoMA exhibit is beautiful and intimate. I enjoyed looking at it very much. However, not much of it is a showstopper to catch your eye. Fortunately, there was this piece. I consulted with our head of Adult Programming on what to do. We decided to make his name HUGE. The design of this one is very simple, but I like it. My colleague who printed it came back and said it looked like something you’d hang in your college dorm room.

Digital Sign: Marie Curie

Property of Darien Library

Property of Darien Library

The Children’s Library is celebrating Women’s History Month by dressing up as their favorite real life heroines. Here we have Amy (@AmySaurusRex) as photographed by Krishna (@DarcyEyre). The original photo was one of the most beautiful shots I’ve seen.

I’m pleased with this piece because my spouse just asked if Amy had actually been in a laboratory(!).

Poster: Recharge Your Book Group

Property of Darien Library

Property of Darien Library

Becky Spratford is a guest speaker coming to our library in a couple weeks. From my understanding, this program is her bread-and-butter. I was hoping to capitalize on any design element she already had going on, but found nothing. So I drew up a few concepts (lightning, batteries, power outlet) and let the book group coordinators decide. They choose the lightning! I then did the campiest Photoshop job to the images to merge them together.

Don’t let this poster deceive you: the initial book + lightning strike was done in about 45 minutes. It was trying to add Becky’s photo to it that took houuuurs. Eventually I gave up because the photo made the poster too busy.

Final Archives Class

Tonight was my final Introduction to Archives class. Looking back over the semester, the readings really influenced me that I am much more comfortable in the standardization rich world of libraries. As well, libraries seem to adapt to change and adopt technology and organization much swifter than archives do.

My poster was not that amazing since I did not wish to spend $40 on printing something out again, my printer only posses a black ink cartridge, and frankly, I was not too inspired by my topic of automation. Originally, I had wanted to do a study on archival management software, but when I discovered that two of the heavy weights (Archon and Archivists’ Toolkit) are merging, that wiped out much of my arguments. The paper would have ended with “but…the differences are going to be merged into one system…” I went with automation so I could keep some of my resources I had gathered for the software paper.

The near-disaster of the night was right before I was to leave, my super long-haired cat hopped on the table. I quickly realized she had had an accident and required an immediate bath. Twenty minutes later, she was clean again and class was starting and it would be half an hour before I would walk into the room. This strung out my nerves so I was a bit stand-offish until I gathered my wits about me. Fortunately, my teacher did not yell at me for being so late. As for the mischievous cat, she was all purrs when I returned home!

iDEALS 2010 Poster Presentation

I presented my poster at iDEALS (Information, Diversity, Engagement, Access and Leadership Summit) today. The creation of the poster was very troublesome and fraught with misadventures. However, it ended well as I won one of five prizes for my Screencasting Tools to Teach Distance Education and Promoting Your Lessons via Social Media best practice poster. The poster can be seen here and the resources with all the links can be found here.

I was on the planning committee (for the website and offered insight on student response to iDEALS) and got a nifty line on my badge stating my participation. Later on, I was surprised to receive a lovely beaded bracelet/ring thing as a thank you gift for my contribution! That’s a funny story starting about 49 minutes into this video of the presentation. I was watching the final portion in the lobby so I could tweet and work on editing iDEALS photos. When I heard my name via the livestream, I ran into the auditorium carrying my netbook. You can hear the audience’s reaction in the clip!

Also, I’d like to thank Jessica Laney for creating my business cards (I printed 100 of them in color for $10! on campus) and Nancy Poole and Thomas Kozak for their suggestions for my poster!

More screencasting links:

Photo by Thomas Kozak