Supporting Small Biz: Digital Tools for Startups Slides

Mallory Arents and I presented this 45-minute presentation at Computers in Libraries in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

Download the slides for the speaker notes to see what we said about each slide. The transcript by Slideshare is garbage and our notes aren’t showing up.

Wanted: a better place to share slides which includes speaker notes.

Presentation: A/B Testing in Library Emails

Email is not dead — in fact, your library’s emails are delivered to your patrons’ inboxes more than 90% of the time while Facebook continues to diminish how many of your followers even see your content. The trick then is to get your patrons to open your emails and then interact with the content in a way to drive value for your library. At Darien Library, we are using A/B testing to discover how to design email newsletters that get opened and acted upon. Our most recent test of changing a subject line generated 10% additional opens. Then by adding a digital service to an email, we increased usage of the service by 151%. In this short session, Amanda will go over some of the metrics you can test for in your email campaigns. She will be focusing on MailChimp, but other email campaigns also offer insights on how your users interact with your library’s emails.

~User Experience Interest Group at Midwinter 2015

I was fortunate enough to present these slides to the LITA UX IG on Sunday, February 1st in Chicago. The main takeaways are that:

  • It’s difficult to know why people click on things from A/B testing alone
  • Multiple tests are needed to try and narrow down results
  • A/B testing is fun

My favorite question from the audience was how does email analytics work — how can you know someone opened your email? I got to explain about the invisible pixel that is downloaded when an email is open. However, Apple and now Gmail skews the data since they auto-load images while Outlook does not.

In Chunks

Today I’m posting earlier to get it out of my system so I can then go back to my NaNoWriMo project.

First up, I was darting around the first 30 minutes checking my email, removing spam from the website, and then quickly designed a new sign to replace one which was a twisted mess by the front desk. In the remaining time I started the process of pulling some video off the tester camera I had left in last night’s program to see how it did capturing audio. Within minutes I felt my frown slopping to my knees and then onto the floor where my chair’s wheel rolled on top of it. The audio was completely wasted. I have some testing audio from October 25th to compare it to (that one was better), but I’ll do another test later to see if the audio equipment has failed. If so, I will have to write a report about it and then work with my boss on resolving the issue. I’m pretty unhappy about this outcome.

Next up, I worked with the other UX person to install GIMP onto the thirteen computers in our tech classroom. FYI, GIMP takes forever to open. I’ll be interested in the class feedback. In between updates, we helped out the person watching the computer rooms. While we were at it, we then went ahead and upgraded Firefox to get rid of the nag screen. An overview of those steps:

  • Sign off as patron then as admin.
  • Close the client control program.
  • Download Firefox updates.
  • Reboot with saved changes.
  • In patron mode, close the client control program.
  • Configure Firefox (saves nothing, sets homepage to the Library’s, don’t check for updates).
  • Log off as patron and back on as Admin.
  • Check the configurations.
  • Reboot with saved changes.
  • In patron mode, close the client control program or sign in as yourself then check Firefox.

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Digital Libraries Presentation Video

Digital Libraries Presentation from Amanda Goodman on Vimeo.

This was my first time presenting in Elluminate thus all the verbal fillers of “um” and “uh.” My apologizes in advance.

The class was “Digital Libraries” at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with Dr. Nora Bird presiding. The main goal of the project was to digitize 20 physical objects and I choose my collection of 18 sketchbooks and 3 notebooks. I am trying to build a digital library in Drupal which has been challenging.

The slides can be downloaded from here.

iDEALS 2010 Poster Presentation

I presented my poster at iDEALS (Information, Diversity, Engagement, Access and Leadership Summit) today. The creation of the poster was very troublesome and fraught with misadventures. However, it ended well as I won one of five prizes for my Screencasting Tools to Teach Distance Education and Promoting Your Lessons via Social Media best practice poster. The poster can be seen here and the resources with all the links can be found here.

I was on the planning committee (for the website and offered insight on student response to iDEALS) and got a nifty line on my badge stating my participation. Later on, I was surprised to receive a lovely beaded bracelet/ring thing as a thank you gift for my contribution! That’s a funny story starting about 49 minutes into this video of the presentation. I was watching the final portion in the lobby so I could tweet and work on editing iDEALS photos. When I heard my name via the livestream, I ran into the auditorium carrying my netbook. You can hear the audience’s reaction in the clip!

Also, I’d like to thank Jessica Laney for creating my business cards (I printed 100 of them in color for $10! on campus) and Nancy Poole and Thomas Kozak for their suggestions for my poster!

More screencasting links:

Photo by Thomas Kozak