Spring at UNCG

Spring at UNCG

Our department had our first library career day today. I wasn’t feeling too hot, so during the “speed dating” network thing, I slipped away outside to go for a quick stroll with my lovely boyfriend. The weather has been Hot ‘n Cold (a la Katy Perry) with us for the last two weeks, so some flowers have been tricked into blossoming. I did not realize at the time that I had caught the UNCG banner in this photo as well, but it makes this photo even more magical.

LIS Website Graphics

This banner is on the front of the LIS website.

The three images were suggested by my boss. I do think they spruced the accreditation page up quite a bit!

I have an agreement with the UNCG Library that I will promote their events on the LIS website whenever I have space to do so. This article layout is not perfect since I COULD NOT get the padding to the right of the image to work. On a personal note, I’m sorry this event is being held on a Tuesday night since I would have loved to have gone to hear this gentleman speak. But alas, I will be in cataloging that night!

iDEALS 2010 Poster Presentation

I presented my poster at iDEALS (Information, Diversity, Engagement, Access and Leadership Summit) today. The creation of the poster was very troublesome and fraught with misadventures. However, it ended well as I won one of five prizes for my Screencasting Tools to Teach Distance Education and Promoting Your Lessons via Social Media best practice poster. The poster can be seen here and the resources with all the links can be found here.

I was on the planning committee (for the website and offered insight on student response to iDEALS) and got a nifty line on my badge stating my participation. Later on, I was surprised to receive a lovely beaded bracelet/ring thing as a thank you gift for my contribution! That’s a funny story starting about 49 minutes into this video of the presentation. I was watching the final portion in the lobby so I could tweet and work on editing iDEALS photos. When I heard my name via the livestream, I ran into the auditorium carrying my netbook. You can hear the audience’s reaction in the clip!

Also, I’d like to thank Jessica Laney for creating my business cards (I printed 100 of them in color for $10! on campus) and Nancy Poole and Thomas Kozak for their suggestions for my poster!

More screencasting links:

Photo by Thomas Kozak

Website Update and News

I went to the big meeting today with the University webmaster, campus technology services (ITS), my boss, my new faculty member I’ll be assisting (nice but looks far different than his photo), and my advisor about the new LIS website. I found out that we’re “atypical” in that we purchased our own server and are hosting it ourselves. A new program will begin in January where the University will actually allow departments to have their own WordPress website. Of course, only six months after we get our own server! The University is encouraging students to use Google sites through them to build their websites, so that’ll be something new to talk about with the newcomers this weekend.

Anyways, I was pleased but embarrassed about being praised for my work which has been 98% done in total isolation. However, I’m proud of the work I’ve done and it will be hard to hand it over to the maintainer. I have to finish up some things tonight so I can put in a service request to have the website redirected to go live. Oh…and one tiny thing… we got approved to go live! :D

I’ll be working throughout the night on getting the things done that HAVE to be done and then I’ll send off my service request. Here’s to hoping that we’ll have our website up before Orientation this Saturday!