Tablet Practice: Aveline

I was feeling a bit morose while drawing. Watch live streaming video from godaisies at Aveline from the story I share with Shiver.

Tablet Drawing

I’m so out of practice. These are two characters I share with Shiver.

Drawing: Newborn Damion

I think this is my best coloring job to date. It wasn’t until I zoomed out did I realize his hair is too close to his eyebrows. The video of the progress is below. godaisies on Broadcast Live Free

Tablet Drawing: WIP

Watch live streaming video from godaisies at I snuck in some time between homework and attending class to practice using the tablet.

Drawing: Learning to Read

I’m trying to get in a drawing done on the tablet every other day. Since school started last week, I’ve been slacking between all the readings. This drawing was actually inspired by my LIS 654 reading about how to understand students as a school librarian.

Kaimaru Drawing

Done on the tablet tonight in Photoshop. The process can be viewed here: Watch live streaming video from godaisies at Also, Shiver went back and drew the official version.

First Drawing on Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch

As a present to myself thanks to my tax refund, I decided to purchase myself a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch tablet. I could have repurchased the Wii that I was forced to return for my cat’s surgery, but my roommate is going to get one. So! I got this for a “try it […]